Sunday, January 30, 2005

Anonymity and Veneered Particle Board

It's amazing how difficult it is to be anonymous, so I'm giving that up and moving on. (Deleted discussion here about how I decided to be honest instead of anonymous--someone told me that was the right approach.)

I spent the weekend putting some new furniture together. Living in the city (that's New York City) of course means that I need to stay mobile and that I don't have a lot of space. And, honestly, living in New York isn't the reason that I've been keeping things mobile; more on that another time. But I just got tired of looking at plastic drawers full of underwear. I found some inexpensive lingerie chests online. They're one step up from Ikea, but slightly below fine furnishing. And yes, I had to put them together myself.

I'm actually pretty handy at that kind of thing. The secret to success is to read the instructions, but not to pay too much attention to them. It took quite a while, because I had a detour shopping trip to get an electric screwdriver (every girl needs one battery operated power tool; now I finally have mine).

The downside to having fourteen new, empty drawers is that I had to fill them. I spent the rest of my weekend moving stuff around.

But it feels better to look at veneered particle board than it did to look at plastic (though it was plastic artistically draped with a turquoise and gold tiger-print sarong). And particle board seems more permanent than plastic. Maybe I'm starting to settle down a little after five years of flight.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I will not lapse into a comma...

Yes, I stole the title (from an apparently brilliant book by Bill Walsh, which I have not read).

I just want to establish at the outset of this blog that I will be using correct grammar, mechanics, and punctuation.

organdie jay

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