Sunday, June 19, 2005

Connecticut vs. New York City

Yesterday was a perfect city day.

I went shopping in the morning and found two GREAT pairs of summer sandals, one white, and one brown, and both on sale. I wandered throught the Union Square Greenmarket and enjoyed all the vendors, but I didn't buy anything because I was still on a shopping mission and didn't want to lug my veggies around with me. On the way home I called and ordered lunch from my favorite Thai restaurant, Highline. I took lunch home and sat out on the patio to eat, and then came upstairs and took a little catnap. Around 4:30, I went rollerblading with my roommate Joel, down the Hudson River Park Development from Greenwich to the Statue of Liberty and back. Along the way we saw lots of runners, cyclers, bladers, the trapeze school, the skate park, people playing tennis, big ships in the river, Scott Stringer, park patrol yelling at me for being on the upper level, vendors, and couples on a Saturday stroll. When i got home, I grabbed my canvas bag and went to Chelsea Market and loaded up on fresh fruit and veggies at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange. All this at my fingertips with no plan required.

What's going to happen to days like this if I move to Connecticut?
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