Saturday, March 25, 2006

What would Scooba do?

I just got Scooba, the robot that mops your floors. I was inspired by a work friend who got Roomba for Christmas--at first I was skeptical, until he brought it in to vacuum his office. O. My. God! The lazy technophile inside me DEMANDED a Roomba. Until I heard about Scooba.

My condo is all hard flooring. You remember last fall when I spent two months installing laminate flooring and vinyl tile and all my other DIY adventures? Well I love my floors, especially when they are clean and shiny and uncluttered. However, I am not a very good housekeeper. This is not something I'm going to try to change about myself, it's just something I've accepted. Sure, as I have more responsibilites, I generally find myself keeping a higher standard of cleanliness around me, but cleaning just doesn't come naturally to me.

So I have a theory about Scooba. I think Scooba will make me keep my house clean.

First, Scooba is soooo cute. It's a little round disk about the size of a medium pizza...if the pizza were four inches and had wheels. It's easy to anthropomorphize Scooba, since it moves on its own. Or, not anthropomorphize, because it's not like you think Scooba's human, but it's easy to think it's animate. Like maybe like a mopping dog.

Anyway, to continue with my order to use Scooba, you've got to pick up everything off the floor. Well, when you pick something up, you have two choices about where to put it down: put it somewhere else, or put it away. So my theory is that when I let Scooba out, I will first put away anything that has crept out of place. And part two of my theory is that I will like my clean floors so much that I will do this often.

Scooba did the whole house this morning, and it looks awesome. Now I have to go fold laundry and put the dishes away.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Thought for the day:

Smart but misunderstanded.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thought for the day:

There's no need to get all itallicky about it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thought for the day:

Type A cares about Every. Little. Thing.

Type B will have another margarita.
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