Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Endorphins...or just gasping for air?

I am not a runner. I admire friends who run like DesignLadyNYC. She's raising money for Race For the Cure and tracking her runs with Nike+, which I find completely awesome. Yay Jerlyn! And then there's my friend Ericka who managed to do a half-marathon in the middle of raising her two gorgeous boys. Double-yay Ericka!

But I have NEVER liked running. I would be embarrassed to use Nike+ because my posts would say "Gardenia ran 1 mile at a speed of 3.2." Lame. But you have to do something, right? So today I ran. And thanks to a podcast from Motiontraxx, it didn't suck at all. I think that part of the reason I don't like running is I get really bored. I've tried music, but if you don't get the tempo right, it just doesn't work, and most of the music I enjoy listening to doesn't exactly work. I've tried audiobooks (like Ericka) or podcasts from NPR (naturally), but that only works if you also like running, which I don't. The Motiontraxx podcast was perfect: built in tempo, duration, and intervals, and a soothing voice telling you when to change tempo. I will definitely be downloading more tracks from them.

Not sure how far or fast I went--I do know there were a LOT of hills, most of them up. The podcast I used was 32:15, but I wasn't home by the end of it and probably went another 10 minutes. So maybe 45 minutes of running and walking intervals. That's got to be at least 3 miles, right? Yay me!

Here is me, post workout:
Just what I needed. 
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